Property Repair & Maintenance

Communication, efficiency, and accountability throughout the process, that is how Neves Construction handles our valued customers.

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Maintaining the integrity of your residential or commercial investment has been an integral part of our business since the beginning-our professionals understand the needs of property managers and investors and we will find solutions that work best for your goals.

With experience in a wide range of properties, from office to industrial, multi-family and condominiums, hospitality, and many others, we can help you with your current and future needs. Regardless of the property age, condition, or complexity, the professional technicians at Neves Construction can deliver efficient repairs and maintenance to help you keep everything running in the best condition possible.

Our Experience Makes A Difference

The Repair and Maintenance Division at Neves Construction boasts a diverse skill set, capable of effectively and efficiently performing repairs as well as maintaining the appearance and accessibility of the property. Our local repair and maintenance technicians are available to offer regularly-scheduled maintenance services that revolve around your needs, or to provide standalone services that address immediate requirements.

The expertise you’ll find at Neves Construction is hard to match, because we have professionals that specialize in everything on the interior as well as the exterior. Our repair and maintenance technicians are experienced in exterior details as well as interior, from concrete and siding, windows and doors, to drywall, paint, and interior trim, we handle most aspects of residential and commercial spaces.